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Post date: Mar 03, 2018 2:12:30 PM

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Why Did They Lie? by Jack Kiernan Hits the Bookshelves

posted 3 March 2018

The recent publication of Jack Kiernan's Why Did They Lie? – his investigation into some murky goings on during the Irish Civil War 1922-23 – has not gone unnoticed.

Westmeath Topic newspaper gave it front-page coverage in its 15 February issue, under the headline, An Explosive New Mullingar Book. Jack Kiernan's controversial 'take' sheds light on local Civil War story.

They go on to say:

"It has always been said that 'the truth can be blamed but it cannot be shamed' ... Jack Kiernan has succeeded in the past ... in producing books [seeking] to expose the truth about particular subjects, like the murder of Mary Walker in July 1909. ... It seems likely that Jack's latest book will create more controversy than any book of its kind in recent years ... Most authors are content ... to rely on what others have written but ... Jack Kiernan has gone to considerable lengths to prove the contentious – even explosive – claims which he puts forward. ... And much of his material comes from official records, like the Irish Military Archives and the Irish Newspaper Archives in Dublin. ... If his highly controversial claims are proved correct – and they are well supported and backed by fully available documentation – then some history books need re-writing." – Westmeath Topic, 15 February 2018. Digital editions available from newspaper's website

News of this timely and important publication has also gone out to Irish communities abroad. Jack recently gave an interview to Irish Radio Canada that was broadcast on 18 February. Hear what he had to say by downloading the podcast.

And there has been no shortage of interest from members of the public, with bookshops anxiously looking for new stock as existing copies 'fly out the door'. As well as being available to buy online (along with other books by Jack Kiernan), bookshops across the Irish midlands (e.g. Just Books in Mullingar) and from Dublin (Alan Hanna's Bookshop on Rathmines Road) to Galway (Kenny's Bookshop and Art Gallery) are stocking it.

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